Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ellsworth W. Slack and Louise (Fisher) Slack - Granddad and Nan

I couldn't write another post for this blog without introducing my maternal grandparents, Ellsworth Woodrow and Louise (Fisher) Slack. They were a very influential part of my life and the lives of my first cousins in particular. I fully intend to share many family stores about "E.W.", as his friends would call my grandfather, and "Nan" as many in the family would refer to my grandmother.

Granddad was born Ellsworth Woodrow Slack on March 16, 1914 in Springfield, Missouri. His parents were John William Slack (b. Nov 23, 1873, d. 1959) and Rose E. Morgan (b. Nov 1, 1878, d. Jun 14, 1937). I suspect my grandfather was named after his Great Uncle Ellsworth Slack (b. Jun 15, 1875, d. Dec 5, 1943), but I do know that his middle name “Woodrow” was chosen in honor of President Woodrow Wilson. Ellsworth was the youngest of eight children, four boys and four girls. His father was a farmer born in Brown County, Ohio, and his mother was born in Springfield, Missouri. My grandfather (Ellsworth) passed away on March 4, 1996.

"Nan", as she was affectionately called, probably got her nickname for all the babysitting she used to do. In fact, I didn't know her given name was "Louise" until I was somewhere in my early grade school years. In fact, one of my cousins told me that Nan once confessed her actual name was Velma Louise. While I don’t doubt it, I have yet to confirm it. Regardless, she was and will always be "Nan" to me.

Louise was born on April 24, 1913. Her parents were Frank Grover Fisher (b. September 22, 1888, d. unknown, but possibly April 1965) and Pearl M. Davis (b. September 25, 1879 d. December 14, 1944). She was a homemaker and fantastic cook. Sitting down to a home cooked meal lovingly produced by Nan was always a treat! I fondly recall her homemade chicken and dumplings and the fish fries she would have following a successful day at the lake. She could conjure up a mean apple pie too! Nan passed away on March 9, 1998.

Both Granddad and Nan were hard working and caring people. Granddad loved to tell stories about the many trials and challenges he faced during his long career as an airplane mechanic, machine shop owner, and finally as a plumber and pipe fitter. He especially enjoyed telling and retelling his many hunting and fishing stories. Nan was a little quieter, but always available to lend a smile and an encouraging word just when you needed it.

I strongly encourage all family and friends who knew Ellsworth and Louise to contribute their fondest stories and memories. Rest assured, I will in coming posts.

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