Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to Memory Hook!

Thank you for stopping by. There’s a saying in family history circles that we all die twice— the first time physically and the second time when we’re forgotten. Surprisingly, it takes as little as two generations to be completely forgotten and lost to time. It’s really a shame when that happens, because I believe we all have a unique and interesting story to tell. No exceptions.

I hope this blog, in some small way, provides a useful means to connect with the past in order to explore the many branches of my family tree. I’m fascinated with genealogy and family history and am searching for anyone with information on my ancestors. I welcome anybody with an interest and desire to contribute. Who knows, we might even connect a cousin or two in the process. Wouldn’t that be cool!

To help focus this effort, I am specifically looking for any information, documents, pictures and stories from the following family lines:

  • My Southwest Missouri roots where I was born—the Davis, Fisher, Hair, Morgan, Slack, Tuttle, Wilhite, and Write surnames, to name a few;
  • The Pounds surname (my name at birth) of the Missouri Bootheel area; and
  • The Sanchez and Yrigoyen families of my home in far West Texas.

If you have a story to tell, a bit of vital information, a photograph or document that will help provide another piece of the puzzle then please feel free to email me at Andrew@itsolutions-usa.com. I welcome all questions and comments and would love to post appropriate material for all of us to learn together. I will also be posting what I have discovered and would appreciate any comments. Again, thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy!


  1. Andy, congrats on your quest to learn your family history, I think you will have a great satisfaction in doing it. I think that most of your research will be centered in Springfield among all those fine people we met when we went there. Jose Luis Sanchez

  2. Mr. Sanchez,

    Thank you for the kinds words. While I am focused, at the moment, on the branches of my family based in SW Missouri, I fully intend to explore the Sanchez and Yrigoyen surnames as well, and would appreciate any help.

    Have a good one!